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Feb 2, 2024

Our most recent online edition of Horse Auction Belgium was an absolute success, culminating in the sale of 23 exceptional young showjumping horses. The star of the auction, Pia Terma, has found a new home in Mexico, while Universe H Z is set to travel to his new home in Colombia.

The excitement extended across borders, with three magnificent horses embarking on journeys to the United States.

The global reach of our auction continued to impress, with horses finding new homes in Ireland, Morocco, France, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, and for the first time, India. This reflects not only the quality of the horses presented but also the diverse and far-reaching interest that our auction has acquired over the years .

We are thrilled to follow the future career and accomplishments of the horses in their new homes.

Thank you to all the breeders and owners for their continued trust in showcasing their young talents and to all our loyal and new clients!

See you next time!

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